What is ThEmployer? +

ThEmployer is a decentralized solution removing the middlemen, making hiring easier, better and rewards using tox platform.

How Does it work? +

When a client submits a Job to ThEmployer, the protocol identifies qualified candidates giving them a choice to take on any of the following roles: Candidate, Referrer or Evaluator. Once a predefined number of responses are met or a set time has lapsed, the protocol closes the Evaluation pool and approves a random subset for screening the matched candidates. Evaluators can upvote/downvote candidate profiles against the job, but must escrow providing a financial stake (measured in ThEmployer Tokens, abbreviated TEO) with each vote. The client then responds to the top candidates submitted, determining the objective ‘correctness’ of the votes, and uses this correctness metric to compute rewards and penalties to the Evaluators. Incorrect Evaluators lose expertise as well as their initial TEO token stake; correct responders accrue expertise and receive TEO token rewards greater than their initial stake.

What is the roadmap? +

The roadmap is our plan for the development of the ThEmployer platform and associated services. It reflects our ambitions and goals. It is subject to changes as the project progresses.

Where is the whitepaper? +

The white paper will be released on April 15th. The one pager will be released by April 10th.


What is TEO? Token +

TEO is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It will be used to gain access to the ThEmployer platform. Based on the ERC20 standard, they will be distributed during the crowdsale & will later be converted to native tokens after the launch of the ThEmployer MainNet. TEO tokens will be used as an internal economy on TOX platform starting Q4 2018.

Is it a security? +

The TEO token is not a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

What is TEO used for? +

The TEO token grants access to ThEmployer platform. We envision that third-party developers may come up with new and novel use cases for the token in the future.

Is TEO transferable? +

Yes, because TEO is on the Ethereum blockchain, it is transferable.

Which wallets can be used to store TEO? +

TEO is an ERC20 token, it can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. While we do not recommend any particular product, TEO can be stored using MyEtherWallet.

Will the tokens be usable immediately or will the proceeds from the offering be used to complete the ecosystem?+

The TEO tokens distributed after the crowdsale will be used by in ThEmployer ecosystem. Once the MainNet is launched, the crowdsale tokens will be converted to the native TEO tokens in 1:1 ratio which will be used within the ThEmployer blockchain.

How can I get Teo Tokens? +

Currently we are in the private sale mode & will be sending limited invites to people who sign up for the PreSale Whitelist. Here is the link: ThEmployer Whitelist

Can I mine TEO Tokens? +

TEO tokens are not Minable. There will be POS minting for TEO after the launch of ThEmployer Mainnet.

Is TEO listed on any exchanges? +

The process to list TEO on exchanges will start after the end of Presale. At this point of time we cannot communicate about that for legal and practical reasons.

TEO Token Distribution

What are reserves? +

Reserves are pre-mined tokens retained by ThEmployer for future contingency purposes.

What is the pre-sale? +

The pre-sale is an opportunity to purchase TEO tokens before they go on public sale. Getting involved during the pre-sale means you will be eligible for pre-sale bonuses.

What will be the MAX TEO supply? +

1,000,000,000 TEO

When is the pre-sale? +

The pre-sale is scheduled to start on 30th April 2018! Please sign up for the [whitelist][1] in the meantime and we will notify you.

When is the public sale? +

We will announce dates for the public sale soon.

Sounds awesome, how do I take part? +

For now, you can join us on our journey by following us on social media,providing feedback, helping us build an online community! And of course, you can support us by registering your interest.